Are You and Your Dog SAR Candidates?

SAR dogs search for play It is a Team The first question to ask is, “are you in shape or capable of getting into shape to handle rough terrain for 8-12 hours of walking?” Most people focus on their dog and don’t think about the person that goes into the field with them. SAR dogs live with and are owned by their handler. If you have a medical condition that prevents you from walking... [Read more...]

Orex Earns BH

Orex displays his medal for passing the BH Begleitenhund(BH) Temperament Test Passed On November 22, 2013 Orex von Tajgetosz  passed the Begleitenhund (BH) temperament test at the Bur Oak Hundersport Club Trial in Long Grove, IL. Orex and Sherri were required to be at the trial by 9:30 AM but did not go onto the field until 2 PM. The temperature was 34 degrees with winds blowing 7-10 mph for a wind-chill... [Read more...]

Beware of Weight Control Dogfood

The kernel on the left is after soaking the one on the right is dry I have many blessings when it comes to my dogs including the desire to scarf down their dogfood but a primary one is working with a good breeder. They must be sick to death of my phone calls and questions but there are always supportive and answer or return my calls immediately. Preventing Bloat Due to Dogfood My breeder is especially... [Read more...]