Chet Earns BH

Chet and Sherri during the off lead heeling exercise A basic team requirement for obedience is to pass the IGP temperament test called a begleitenhund (BH). P-Chet von der Olgameister is Sherri’s current dog in training while she continues to work Reiza. Chet earned his BH on October 18, 2020 at the Turner Junction IGP trial. This is a major step forward to becoming operational. The... [Read more...]

Jenni and Levi, Sergei and Mya, and Sherri and Reiza Are Operational

Sherri, Sergei and Jenny celebrate after the last test exercise, night searching GSSARDA has very strict rules. Only dogs and handlers that have met the requirements for training and certification are allowed to be used on a search. We also utilize outside resources to test and evaluate each dog and handler unit. These three units were tested by a sheriff canine handler and a former federal... [Read more...]

Hiker’s Remains Found in a Fox Den

Sherri, Lektor, Shane and Belle GSSARDA was called to participate in a search on the north shore of Lake Superior for a missing hiker. Teams from all over the United States and Canada responded. The search was organized by a Nova Scotia team and financed by the missing hiker’s family. The hiker was a novice who tried to return to her campsite alone in the late fall. The RCMP did an extensive... [Read more...]