HRD – Human Remains Detection

Hiker’s Remains Found in a Fox Den

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The sector was extremely dangerous for the dog and required strong obedience to keep him from going over the cliff or getting hit by a tractor-trailer.

The North Bay Drowning

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GSSARDA was called to participate in a search for a missing drowning victim

Search for the Caribou Hunter

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The search took place, one degree south of the Arctic Circle and GSSARDA provide one dog and handler – Sherri and Lektor.

How Wide is Too Wide?

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The wider the sweep the more likely you will miss the subject, the narrower the sweep, the longer it will take to cover the assignment.

The Search for Christina, One Searcher’s Point of View

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Twenty year old Christina was last seen on August 6, 2007 by her friend Eddy Migue. They had gone for a jog in Rainbow Falls Provincial Park, Ontario when Christina decided to turn back while Eddy finished the run. They were both novices in a pristine wilderness that can be brutally unforgiving. Dense growth, sharp […]