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Jenni and Levi, Sergei and Mya, and Sherri and Reiza Are Operational

February 10, 2021 by · Leave a Comment 

Sherri, Sergei and Jenny celebrate after the last test exercise, night searching

GSSARDA has very strict rules. Only dogs and handlers that have met the requirements for training and certification are allowed to be used on a search.

We also utilize outside resources to test and evaluate each dog and handler unit. These three units were tested by a sheriff canine handler and a former federal canine handler. Both evaluators had been American Rescue Dog Association evaluators.

Units are tested with unknown subjects. Each unit had to do a trail hasty and both a daylight and night time sector search for multiple subjects. All three dogs already had their BH. Handlers were tested on a map and compass course and a GPS course as well as met the radio and first aid training requirements.

Congratulations to these dogs and handlers on a job well done.

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