SAR Fiction

Looking for a fun read including search and rescue dogs and a happy ending? The author of the following books donates 10% of her profits to our team. You can download the eBooks or order a hard copy.

Books for Teens

Gabe can’t seem to do anything right and his nemesis loves to point that out. Once he starts working with a canine search and rescue group he learns how to deal with a bully and still live his ideals.

Turn was an Amazon best seller.

Everyone has Blanca’s life all planned out for her; her friends, her parents, and her teachers all think they know what it best. Well it’s her life and she’ll figure it out as soon as she stops messing everything up. After her last mistake, Blanca joins a canine SAR team and finds friends, love and her true calling.

Go Find was an Amazon best seller.

Shane hates being the center of attention but when he learns of a plot to attack the Hispanic students in his school he has to speak up. The cost of standing up for what is right is high when a white supremist group attempts to burn down his home. Can Shane and his mom’s German Shepherd hold off the attack until the police arrive or will his family lose everything?

Clean Romance Novels

Sophie Stearns and her search dog, Belle, flee to the mountains that feed her soul and straight into the arms of the one man she could truly love. If only he didn’t hate her. Patrick O’Brien learned the hard way city girls will rip a man’s heart out to get what they want. With the project deadline looming, Sophie must choose between using Belle to rescue a special needs child or saving her fledgling business. Will their choices lead to love or loneliness?

Sophie’s Search was an Amazon best seller.

All of Sloane Westin’s training has drummed the risks of mountain terrain into her head, but she’s promised God she’ll take the risk if she can prevent a combat veteran from suicide. Conor McCollum owes his old Army commander Bill Frasier his life. Payback is due. A dangerous ice storm is bearing down on the Adirondacks. Can Sloane and Conor work together to rescue Bill out of the storm? Or will Mother Nature claim three more lives in the vast wilderness of the Adirondack Mountains?

Out of the Storm was an Amazon best seller

Can a traumatized combat veteran and a young, ambitious, feisty entrepreneur pull together to beat the clock and the prejudices of others? Shellie and Ronan use every ounce of determination, hard work, and faith to keep a roof over their heads and build a future for the neglected Pine Cone Motel. Add in a highly intelligent ex-combat dog with a slight mischievous streak and the realistic backdrop of a tourist community and you’ve got a story that will keep you guessing from the first page to the last.

Pine Cone Motel was an Amazon international best seller