Meet The Team

Our Team of Handlers & Support Personnel

Sherri G. – Operational handler since 2001, First Responder, SARDUS Evaluator, ham technician, with canines Reiza von Tajgetosz and P-Chet von der Olgameister
James G. – Operational leader, IL First Responder
Shane G. – Operational handler since 2012, IL First Responder, Eagle Scout, ham radio technician, handler of Boomer
Jenni -Operational handler since 2018, licensed nurse, with canine Levi
Sergei – operational handler since 2018, CPR trained, ham radio technician with canine Maya
Doug T. – with Lektor, handler canine Maddie, SARDUS evaluator, NASAR certified and registered search manager, assisted in the development of the RCMP SAR dog standards
Katie and Lela
Katie – handler in training with Lela canine in training
Ron – handler in traning with Raja
Jenine – handler in training with Bear
Elizabeth – Handler in training with Desdemona
Mike and Willy Mike B. – Handler in training, Eagle Scout, ham radio technician with Willie
Chuck C. – With canine Ana von der Neuen Welt, Fallen but never forgotten, 1936-2011

Reiza von Tajgetosz whelped May 18, 2011 operational wilderness 2018
Maya whelped May 2015, BH, operational wilderness 2018
Levi BH, operational wilderness 2018
P-Chet von der Olgameister, Whelped April 2018, BH, in training
 DSC02958 Willy in training
Cuini canine in training
 Lela  Lela canine in training
 Boomer  Boomer in training