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Gryphon Goes the Distance

June 12, 2012 by · 1 Comment 

Gryphon and Susan head out to the AD

 The Ausdauerprufung or AD

The AD is a test of the dog’s endurance, conditioning, and physical structure. Endurance and physical structure are created by careful breeding. The conditioning is done by the handler. During the test, the dog trots next to the handler for a total of twelve and a half miles at a pace of 7.7-9.5 mph. The handler rides a bike for the test. There are two fifteen minute rest breaks where the judge will inspect the dog for tendor or worn pads, overall fatigue or poor conditioning. If the judge feels the dog is not fit to continue, the dog will be dismissed. After having completed the full distance the dog will be given a twenty minute rest period and have to perform a short obedience routine. The AD is not a title but is a requirement for dogs participating in the SV Korung system for German Shepherds. The conscientious handler will gradually condition their dog prior to the test. Several weeks of preparation are usually involved just as a human would work up to running a marathon.

Susan and Gryphon’s Test

Although the temperature had soared into the 90’s all week, it finally broke on Wednesday night setting us up for a lovely 60 degrees on Friday as we ran our Schutzund AD at the Cincinnatti Ohio Schutzhund club under Judge Johannes Grewe. Gryphon was trained, rested and ready. Susan had been out trail riding her horse earlier in the day and was a little on the sore side by the end of the test. Both dog and handler, pushed on through to earn their AD.


One Response to “Gryphon Goes the Distance”
  1. Jen says:

    Way to go guys!!!! Awesome work!!

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