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Mary Kay Team Partners With GSSARDA For Fundraising

February 19, 2008 by · 1 Comment 

Pink and Orange Make a Winning Combination

MacDonald All-star Mary Kay team takes making the world more beautiful to a whole new level. On Tuesday, February 19th, 2008 these ladies reached out to German Shepherd Search and Rescue Dog Association (GSSARDA) and accomplished 20% of the unit fund-raising goal. At their regular weekly meeting they donated the evening’s proceeds to help pay for GSSARDA’s insurance.  In addition, they committed to helping GSSARDA accept donations in return for coupons to Carson Pirie Scott Community Day on March 1st.

GSSARDA must maintain liability insurance in order to practice locally.  The cost of this insurance is 80% of the organization’s annual budget.  Previously, members have split this cost and paid for it with donations out of their own pocket.

In January, Carson Pirie Scott approached GSSARDA and asked if they would be interested in participating in Community Day. Carson’s gave the organization booklets containing a $10 off coupon and an additional eight coupons for 20% off at any Carson, chains of stores.  GSSARDA was to give the booklets away to anyone who donated $5 to the organization.  GSSARDA was able to keep the entire $5.

MacDonald All-star Mary Kay Team stepped in to help as GSSARDA membership had limited access to contacts to give away the booklets.  These lovely ladies took time away from learning about new products to find out about canine SAR and to meet one of the unit dogs, Belle.  They generously agreed to help and remove much of the economic pressure from the team members.

Our thanks to Carson Pirie Scott and MacDonald All-star Mary Kay team.  If you would like to return the favor and order any Mark Kay products please contact


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