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Thank Goodness Dogs Can’t Read

Thank Goodness Dogs Can’t Read I was reading through the comments on one of the SAR groups listing and saw an entry where the writer was adamant that a handler should not lay their own tracks. It made me glad my dogs couldn’t read since I’ve been laying my own tracks for training for over 10 years and my shepherds have amazed bloodhound handlers at their ability to follow a scent. It reminded... [Read more]

German Shepherd Tracking: Splitting Hairs

Splitting Hairs I will never forget going to a board of directors meeting as we discussed a tracking standard. The first thing that happened was the discussion descended into defining tracking, trailing and splitting the hairs finer and finer. Here is how the definitions went: ¨      Tracking is when the dog follows footstep to footstep directly on the path the subject took without using scent... [Read more]

German Shepherd Training – Food or Fun?

Food or Fun If you go to the Leerburg website, see if you can find his article about the difference in how dogs are trained to meet the RCMP standard versus typical training in the US. It is worth reading. Historically I trained my dogs with food, gradually weaning off the amount of liver tidbits so my real subject didn’t need to play Hansel and Gretel and leave a trail of hotdog pieces if he wanted... [Read more]


Come to our Fundraiser ! Meet the handlers and chat one on one. Do you have a site in the Chicago-land area that we could use for training? Or are you interested in volunteering? Please e-mail us. We are a 501c3 organization which means your donations are tax deductible. None of our members receives a salary. We pay our own expenses. We can provide speakers and demonstrations for your organization.... [Read more]

Cody Earns TD

Cody Earns TD Cody earned his AKC TD-tracking dog title April 5, 2009 in VERY strong wind conditions. The tracks were laid in an area where the grass is usually tall ,but since it is so early in the season, all the tall grass was just matted down and it was impossible to see where the track went. His track was 452 yards long and had 5 turns, both left and right turns, and an open turn. Cody took off... [Read more]

Joanna and Maggie Earn VST Title

On Sunday Nov.11, 2008 Maggie got her VST (Variable Surface Tracker) title and became Champion Tracker ! 🙂 The test took the place at the  DuPage Government Center in Wheaton, Illinois. Maggie had tracked on four different surfaces which included short grass, cement, mulch and blacktop. The track was aged 3 hours and had 4 articles (including the starting one) of  leather, metal, plastic and... [Read more]

Paivi and Cody Earn CDX Nov. 2008

         Cody earns his CDX   Paivi and Cody Earn CDX Nov. 2008 On Sunday November 9, 2008 Cody completed his Companion Dog Excellent (CDX) -title with a 4th place finish and 187 points. Companion Dog Excellent is the second highest obedience title in AKC and is all done off-leash. Exercises include heeling off-leash based on the advice by the judge, off-leash heeling around two people,... [Read more]

Ruff'n It Demo Greene Valley

Ruff’n It Demo Greene Valley Sept 21,2008 The team drew a crowd of interested observers on Sunday, September 21, 2008 at the Greene Valley Forest Preserve. Chuck Carroll and Anna, Sherri Gallagher with Lektor and Belle, Shane Gallagher as subject and Jim Gallagher as MC, demonstrated obedience, directional, play drive, bark alerts and more. It was a warm sunny day and the team stayed for several... [Read more]

The Search for Christina, One Searcher’s Point of View

Twenty year old Christina was last seen on August 6, 2007 by her friend Eddy Migue. They had gone for a jog in Rainbow Falls Provincial Park, Ontario when Christina decided to turn back while Eddy finished the run. They were both novices in a pristine wilderness that can be brutally unforgiving. Dense growth, sharp drop offs into fast running water, bear and moose were just a few of the potential dangers. The... [Read more]

Maggie Goes Tracking Dog Excellent (TDX)

Maggie Goes Tracking Dog Excellent (TDX) This was the e-mail Joanna sent out when she handled Maggie to her TDX title. It did such a good job capturing the joy a handler feels when their canine accomplishes something they’ve been working toward, I didn’t want to re-write it. Joanna and Maggie, we salute you!) On Sunday, May 11th Maggie got her TDX (Tracking Dog Excellence) title ! The... [Read more]

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