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Paivi and Cody Earn CDX Nov. 2008

November 9, 2008 by · 1 Comment 



Cody earns his CDX


Paivi and Cody Earn CDX Nov. 2008

On Sunday November 9, 2008 Cody completed his Companion Dog Excellent (CDX) -title with a 4th place finish and 187 points.

Companion Dog Excellent is the second highest obedience title in AKC and is all done off-leash. Exercises include heeling off-leash based on the advice by the judge, off-leash heeling around two people, down on a recall, fetching a dumbbell on flat and over a jump, and a broad jump. The dog is supposed to be attentive and very accurate in his performance. I was very happy with Cody’s performance on Sunday, I got comments about his happiness and confidence in the ring.
The final exercises are a 3-minute sit-stay and 5-minute down-stay with the handler out of sight. The dog has to have confidence to stay in one position for the time period and trust that the handler will come back. This is an ultimate test about the bond between the dog and the handler. Cody has never broken a stay and he did not this time either.

Paivi and CDX Cody!



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