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Team Demonstrates SAR for 14,000 Boy Scouts

June 1, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

Members of German Shepherd Search and Rescue Dog Association were on hand when 14,000 Boy Scouts and their families visited Cantigny Park in DuPage County. The Scouts are members of the Three Fires Council and celebrated the 100th anniversary of Scouting.

Four members of the team and their dogs demonstrated play drive, obedience, bark and recall re-find alerts, doggy base ball and finding the training aid hidden in one of 3 trash cans. The biggest pleasure came when the visitor got to interact with the dogs and pet them. The team answered hundreds of questions during the five demonstrations they performed and passed out trading cards, word search games and crossword puzzles.

Jim G. accted as MC explaining what the dogs and handlers were doing and how it applied to search and rescue. Mike B. got a workout acting as subject for all the dogs. Wayne and Vello did a great job performing the BH heeling routine and play drive. Shane and Rosie demonstrated the recall re-find alert. Lektor and Sherri played doggy baseball. Vello and Lektor took turns demonstrating a bark alert. The last activity for the demonstration was Sherri and Belle finding the training aid in the trash can. While the team performed, a friend of the group, Stephanie, passed out cards and puzzles and acted as a liason.

The day started with a base camp set up at 6:30 AM and ended at 4:30 PM. The weather cooperated providing a nice breeze and comfortable temperatures without precipitation. Some very tired dogs and people went home from the demonstration, but everyone declared it worth the effort. We hope to be invited back next time.

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