Dash for Cash – GSSARDA to Run the Warrior Dash

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Team Members Go the Extra Mile – Warrior Dash Fund-Raiser

You’ve heard of walkathons, Walk For The Cure and other walking and running activities to support charity. The members of German Shepherd Search and Rescue Dog Association have decided to put in some extra effort and participate in the Upper Midwest Warrior Dash on September 17, 2011 to raise funds for the team.

The Warrior Dash is a 3 mile race through 12 hellish and muddy obstacles.   We will be running as a team to raise funds for training and pay the expense to search for lost persons.

How can you help?

You can sponsor any member of the team per obstacle they complete or a set donation.  After the race you will be contacted with the number of obstacle that were completed and to collect your donation.  All contributions are tax-deductible.

Suggested Sponsorship Levels:

BRONZE – $1/obstacle x 12 = $12

SILVER – $2/obstacle x 12 = $24

GOLD – $3/obstacle x = $36

Warrior Dash Obstacles

Would you rather sponsor all the team members for a single obstacle for $10?  Pick from the following obstacles the team members must accomplish to finish the race:

  • Black Forest – Run through the unmarked woods
  • Great Warrior Wall – Conquer the wooden barricade
  • Tunnels of Fear – Burrow through black tunnels
  • Hay Feaver – Hustle up and over giant straw bales
  • Junkyard Jump – Stampede through the scrap yard
  • Deadweight Drifter – Trudge through waist deep water, climbing over submerged logs
  • Knee High Hell – Speed through hundreds of tires
  • Cargo Climb – Maneuver over the cargo nets
  • LumberJacked – Cross over and under the staggering logs
  • Black out – Dive into darkness and escape the trenches
  • Muddy Mayhem – Scramble beneath barbed wire as you near the finish line
  • Warrior Roast – Leap over the warrior flames

Come join our team or cheer us on as we get soaked and filthy climbing over cargo nets, through muddy swamps, and under barbed wire! We are leaving the dogs home to keep them safe, the humans are crazy enough to sign up for this kind of physical abuse.

Team Members Entering the Warrior Dash

Feel free to sponsor any or all of the team members

Sherri – mid-50’s, female handler, engineering consultant

Shane – early 20’s, male handler, college student

Michael – late 20’s, male support member, IT tech

Liz – mid-20’s, female handler, IT tech consultant

Brian – early 30’s, male support member, IT tech

Bill – late 40’s, male handler, private air-craft consultant

Amanda – mid 20’s, female support member, Tae Kwando instructor

Christopher Ramirez – Early 30’s, US Army

How the Warrior Dash Funds Will Be Used

It costs about $10,000 to transport, feed and house a team for a week long search. Additionally the team must carry insurance to utilize training locations. No one on the team receives a salary. All funds will be applied to the cost of training, searches, and demonstrations to benefit the community.

Any and all support is appreciated.


4 Responses to “Dash for Cash – GSSARDA to Run the Warrior Dash”
  1. Linda & Ashley Corbett says:

    Sponsorship at bronze level for Liz, Brian and Chris.

  2. sherri says:

    Thank you. Because of people like you we can search so that others may live.


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