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Six Units Earn Titles

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Six Units Earn Titles

November 11-12, 2007

The Illinois Unit of German Shepherd Search and Rescue Dog Association is pleased to announce the latest accomplishments of their members.

        • Anna von der Neuen Welt handled by Chuck Carroll
  • Bellisma of My Body Guard handled by Sherri Gallagher
  • Dash of My Body Guard, “Noah” handled by Pam Barnett
  • Dunkel’s Cody handled by Paivi Dunkel


All passed their schutzhund begleithunde (BH) under SV judge Holger Eller on November 10, 2007 at the Prairie State Dog Club trials.

schutzhund-trials-gssarda-german-shepherd-tracking-cody gssarda-schutzhund-trials-german-shepherd-tracking-janna

The BH is a temperment test with extensive on and off lead heeling and control at a distance, in crowds, around other dogs and with the handler out of sight. Dogs showing aggression, fear or timidness do not pass the BH. Dogs must accomplish the BH to continue forward into the Schutzhund 1 or RH 1 (International Rescue Dog Organization search dog competition).


Maggie handled by Joanna Olech accomplished the AKC TD title on November 11, 2007. They will continue their TD training and trialing in pursuit of the title of TD-X (Tracking Dog Expert).


Lektor of My Body Guard handled by Sherri Gallagher earned the title of Schutzhund 3 at the Prairie State Dog Club trials on November 11, 2007.  This is the highest schutzhund title and requires a proficiency in tracking, obedience and protection.

The dogs and handlers will continue their training to maintain the highest levels of performance and skill which can be applied to search and rescue  “so that others may live”.


German Shepherd Search and Rescue Dog Association – Illinois
Sherri Gallagher

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